5 Key reasons you should be using time and attendance software 

5 Key reasons you should be using time and attendance software 

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2021-01-04 17:04:51

Going back not so many years I was working in a bar. I would sit in the office every Monday morning trying to calculate the hours all the bar staff had worked for the previous week. Trying to understand all the scribbles of hours worked (on the coffee-stained paper) and calculate the extra 11 minutes Johnny the glass collector had worked. I mean seriously Johnny 11 minutes??? 


Let’s just say it was a nightmare and my least favorite part of the job. I loved bar work and I loved the management side of it but seriously who wants to sit in an office looking at timesheets every week. 


If you manage any team in any industry, you will understand the struggles. It seems everyone I speak to within a similar position has the same problems. Whether that be restaurants, cafes, construction companies, warehouses, etc.. you get the idea we all have the same issues. 


In this post, we’ll provide you with 5 examples of why you should be using time and attendance software and how it will revolutionise the way you work. 


1 Accurately calculate hours worked 


If you are paying people per hour it's important to calculate the hours they have worked correctly as there can be two simple mistakes made. 


Mistake one, you over calculate how much someone has worked. This is simple either when you are totting up the total hours worked you miscount and add more on or it’s a simple case of when someone comes into work, they don’t add the actual time they started. 


Have you ever noticed if someone started work at 9:45 rather than 10 they say they started at 9:45 however if they started a little later than scheduled (10:15) they will always put the time they were due in (10:00)  


Mistake two, you undercalculate how much someone had worked. Again, this is a simple mistake but mainly caused by management calculating the hours incorrectly. 


2 Employee satisfaction 


This can be overlooked at times but it’s a very important reason to consider getting time and attendance software. 


Employees know without a doubt they will be getting paid for the work they have done. It saves them keeping a track of the times they have worked themselves. With the clockk.in system, staff will be able to see firsthand how many hours they have been clocked in for. 


Think back to any time you were working an hourly paid job, keeping a track of your timesheets was a nightmare but for me, I knew I had to make sure I was getting the right amount come payday.


3 Added extras 


Typically, with most time and attendance software, you get a lot more than just a digital clocking in machine. There are multiple features added in like rota creation, individual task management, or team task management.  


So not only are you getting the clocking in software you will also have many other features to help with employee management. 


Just imagine that and all the extra time you will have to relax…. Sorry I mean work. 


4 No “friend clocking in”


It’s a problem, and we know it. I’d love to say it's never happened in any workplace I have been in before but it does. 


“Friend clocking in” is where you are running a little late say 5/10 minutes and your friend clocks in for you at the time you should have arrived. 


Seems harmless though doesn’t it. Unfortunately, it is. I don’t need to go into great detail on the health and safety implications as I’m hoping if you are reading this you will already know. But for example, if a fire happens and the clocking in software says you are at work, I imagine the fire brigade will keep looking for someone who isn’t even there. 


Not only that but these extra few minutes each day or week add up. That’s why using certain time and attendance software this cant happen. Some offer a biometrical clocking in system while others are fully password protected. Either way, this stops things like this happen and protect you and your company.


5 Management time saving 


I saved the best till last! 


Without a doubt, the company’s we speak with all say this is the main reason they have or are getting time and attendance software.


Times have been rough tough over the past year, and everyone is cutting back. Most of the business I speak to personally have fewer people doing the work meaning management are needed more than ever. 


Before it was pretty easy when running a restaurant to have the manager doing a few hours each week doing timesheets and you could cover all other work with staff, Now things are a bit tighter, and not as many people can be in the same building. 


A system like this reduces their hours working on these tasks from a minimum of 2 a week to 0. 


All timesheets are calculated instantly, and you get them sent in a weekly report. Now management can spend a bit more time on the good work rather than filtering through timesheets and rotas each week. 




In conclusion, if you haven’t done so yet. Get some time and attendance software. Do your research as there are a few companies out there offering trials and some fit certain companies better than others.

It will save your management team hours on mundane paperwork and allow them to be doing what they do best, managing a team. 

It will accurately provide you timesheets at the end of the week saving hours of admin time. 

There are many other features like task management and rota creation and rota distribution 


But don’t just take our word for it. Give it a try yourself. 


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