Getting started is easy. Create rota's, checklists and assign tasks in Minutes. Clock in and out from any device.

Manage your staff. Any time, from anywhere.

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Simple to use staff management software that will save you time and money

Rota creation and view.

Create rotas and publish in seconds for all staff members to view from anywhere.

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Checklists and assigned tasks

Create your own checklists or assign individual tasks for team members to sign off once completed. You’ll receive an email notification once completed.

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Clock in / Clock out

Clock in and clock out from any device. Know at any time who is in and if anyone is running late.

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Staff overview

Easily edit staff profiles with the flick of a switch selecting who gets emails and who can create/edit rotas and checklists.

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Make your work day simple

Clock in

Know exactly when staff start work, who is in and who is running late.

Clock out

Accurately pay staff for the time they have actually worked not what they were scheduled to work.

Rota creation

Schedule staff at the click of a button. All staff have live access to rotas and know exactly when they are due to work.


Create checklists for staff to complete and sign off once they have been done. You will receive an email copy of the check lists.

Email reports

Email reports on total hours worked each week and all checklists.

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